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When you are traveling up and down the steep banks and trails of God’s Window it will be easy to work up an appetite. Lucky for you God’s Window has its own unique restaurant. At this restaurant, you can find everything from chicken to barbecue, beef, t-bone, lamb chops, and even pork chops. While the restaurant offers a number of tasty treats it really is the surrounding restaurants that stand out the most. If you find yourself in the area, you will certainly want to take advantage of the following spots.


The Chubby Pig

With a name like Chubby Pig, you already know that this is going to be a good place to get some quality pork. When you first arrive at the restaurant, you will probably think...


Anne’s Cotton Club Cafe

There are plenty of gems that continue to draw tourists back to South Africa every year. And, 24 Degrees South is one of these gems. The area is nestled between the massive canyon and...


Potluck Boskombuis

We have taken time to make a list and review the top restaurants in and around Graskop. Click here to view our recommended restaurants. It has been said that Potluck Boskombuis is the hidden...