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  1. Braam says:

    We are working with a local production company and need to film and fly a drone at God’s Window. Can you please advise the procedure to obtain a permit.

    • God's Window Info. says:

      As far as we are aware, flying a drone is not prohibited as this is not a SANPARKS location. However, I encourage you to contact both SANPARKS as well as the South African Civil Aviation Authority for advice about this matter.

      For personal use there is usually no problem as long as you abide by the rules set out for drones by the SACAA, however for commercial you might need a permit.

  2. Carol says:

    Hi, is the God’s window aswell as the panorama route wheelchair accessible? If so which nearby accommodation can you recomend. What fun activities can wheelchair bound person can do and enjoy?

    • God's Window Info says:

      Hi Carol, there is a wheelchair friendly track up to the first view point at God’s Window. Bourkes luck potholes is accessible but only up a a certain point and it is a bumpy paved walkway. There are plenty of nice restaurants to enjoy and quite a large selection of accommodation. Here are some of our recommended places to stay:

  3. Babatjie says:

    Good Day, I need assistance with prices on certain attractions. 1. Three Roundavels 2. Mac Mac Falls 3. The Tufa Waterfall 4. God’s Window 5. Lisbon Fall 6. Berlin Falls 7. Graskop Gorge Lift and 8. Bourkes Luck Potholes

  4. Lucinda says:

    Good day. I am looking for the rates for 2020 for seniors to visit the Bourke’s Potholes, Berlin Falls and God’s Window. I hope you can assist.

  5. lesedi says:

    hi. I would like prices on potholes and God window. also are these open over christmas day and what times on this day in particular

  6. Vicci says:

    Good day. Are you allowed to walk dogs in the reserve? Thank you

  7. Paballo says:


    May i please know how much is the entrance fee for Gods’ window and the activity prices nearby.

    Thank you

  8. Jason Le Roux says:

    Good day, I would like to find out if I am allowed to fly my drone at God’s Window for personal use?

  9. Chimy Motsoane says:

    Please have phone numbers on your website for prompt communication

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