Flycatcher Castle

If you want to live like royalty on your vacation there is no better site than the Flycatcher Castle. This hotel is situated right on the outskirts of God’s Window, near Graskop. The castle is built around the 17th-century Italian backdrop and was conceptualized by the owner Manie Connoway. It was designed and constructed with handpicked relics and works of art that are out of this world. The hotel offers access to six different suites, which are all individually decorated in the styles of the 19th century. The hotel provides access to a number of unique breathtaking views as well as a magnificent bath that is set in open plan design.

There is also a chapel available on the grounds that can be used for weddings and small intimate gatherings as well as other functions. Their grounds also provide access to a beautiful and ancient art gallery that is home to a number of works and bronzed sculptures.


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  1. Stanley Moshaba says:

    3 adults
    2 children ages 1 and 3
    15 June check in
    18 June check out

  2. Frida Pedersen says:

    Pets are welcome with prior arrangement only. Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. The castle is situated opposite Fairyland, a nature conservation area the includes the Jock of the Bushveld walking trail, which is great for dogs, starting at the Southern side of town. Alternatively, you can walk directly from the castle into the reserve and explore a myriad of river streams, strange rock formations and a very rich flora.

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